The club sponsors multiple regular weekly events and a fall gravel race event. Each ride will have one or more ride leaders who will set the rules for the event.

KLM/Cold Stone Racing Events

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Casual with A, B, and C groups
Thursdays 5:45PM
Hart Middle School, Rochester, MI
TND (Thursday Night Dirt)
28+ miles
The TND weekly rides gravel ride begin and end at Hart Middle School in Rochester, Michigan. To manage the growth of this ride the A group will depart at 5:50PM and the B group will depart at 5:55PM
Hart Middle School, Rochester, MI
Sunday Coffee Ride
60+ miles
**Note - Moving into the fall this ride will be more ad-hoc. Follow our Facebook group for more updates on future rides for the rest of the year. This is a no drop gravel ride but, you must be able to maintain a 16-17 MPH pace due to the distance. This ride begins and ends at Hart Middle School in Rochester, Michigan.
August 6, 2022 9:00AM
Addison Oaks County Park
De Ronde van Grampian (DRvG)
50 and 25 mile courses
The DRvG is a Gravel Event with its roots derived from a few special races and rides from years past in and around the local area of Oakland and Lapeer Counties. This ride pays tribute to the Ronde van Stony, Grampian Challenge, and Fall50 p/b KLM/Cold Stone.
June 23, 2022 5:45PM
Hart Middle School, Rochester, MI
Summer Solstice Ride
64 miles
The KLM Summer Solstice Ride is our way of celebrating the longest day of the year with a long gravel ride. 64 miles. 4 counties. A little bit of pavement, a little bit of rails to trails and lots of dirt roads. Thursday, June 23rd, 5:45 pm, at Hart Middle School in Rochester, Michigan. Headlight and taillight are required. You need some miles in your legs to do this ride. Expect to average 16 mph for 64 miles. The group will be kept from averaging 20 mph, but if you can't average 16 mph, start earlier, do the short route or a shorter version of the long route.
Birmingham, MI
D Ride
55+ miles
This casual rode ride leaves most Sundays from the KLM shop in Birmingham, Michigan. This route winds its way through many of the Detroit neighborhoods with a mid ride coffee stop in Downtown Detroit.
TBD 2023
Parks in and around Metro Detroit
Michigan Fat Bike Challenge
Distance varies by segment
The Michigan Fat Bike Challenge is comprised of 8 different segments spread across 8 weeks beginning in early December, 2023. Participants will complete the each segment within a defined time frame and then upload their results to the Fat Bike Challenge site to be scored against the competition. An end of series celebration event will be held to announce winners across the categories.